Hakim Ziyech to Milan? press report!

Hakim Ziyech to Milan? press report!

Hakim Ziyech to Milan as per the report in the press:

According to a press report, Chelsea is nearing accepting Hakim Ziyech’s departure from the club, who is highly sought by Milan.

Raheem Sterling joined Chelsea from Manchester City, which opened the door to Hakim Ziyech’s departure.

Milan tried to borrow Ziyech last January, and the offer was renewed this summer, but Chelsea refused to borrow him.

Chelsea are on their way to agree to Ziyech joining Milan for 8.4 million pounds.

The price will be 24 million pounds less than the value of his joining Ajax for.

The newspaper stated that Chelsea and Milan held talks this week after previous negotiations regarding Ziyech failed.

Milan hopes Hakim Ziyech will accept his salary cut because the Moroccan star could not receive 100,000 pounds a week from the Italian side.

Do you think Ziyech is really near to Milan?

What is the News about Hakim Ziyech? and Does Milan already offer a price for him?

How much will get Hakim Ziyech with Milan? and he will play in place of who?

Source: Translated from: kooora.com

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