Haaland the new Cristiano in Manchester city?

Haaland the new Cristiano in Manchester city?

Haaland the new Cristiano in Manchester city?

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola expressed his happiness with his players’ performance in their 2-0 win over West Ham United on Sunday evening, at the conclusion of the first round of the English Premier League.

City’s new star, Erling Haaland, scored the two goals of the match, and the team performed well, after losing last week to Liverpool 1-3 in the English Community Shield match.

Guardiola told Sky Sports: “It was an excellent performance. What we didn’t do against Liverpool – which is competitive as a team – we did today, especially against a team that is not easy with the long balls.”

On Haaland’s performance, the Spanish coach added:

“We had no doubts that the man who scored goals since he was born, will score goals here.

Kyle Walker was amazing today, I want to pay tribute to him but everyone was good.”

He added: “Haaland gives us his qualities. We will not change much, we will adapt, we know we have a threat there.

He is a deep runner and has an amazing finish. He adapts perfectly to the way we want to play. We will find him more and more and hopefully give him the opportunity to score more goals.”

Haaland the new Cristiano or Thierry Henry in Manchester city?

Pep replied sarcastically: “Of course he has talent, but one week ago (against Liverpool) when he missed the chance, people said he is a failure and will not adapt to the Premier League, everyone laughed at him and now you compare him to Thierry. Henry or Cristiano Ronaldo, that will take time.”

And he added: “It’s the first game in the Premier League, he has a long career. When he retires, and we hope that he will stay here for many years, we will analyze what he has become.”

He concluded: “We know the quality he has and then we’ll see. When the penalty came, he grabbed the ball right away, and I liked it. The penalty kick needs a man who has the confidence to do that.”

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Translated from source: Kooora.com